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Swim shorts for the beach

Swim shorts for the beach


A model of loose beach shorts without leggings that reliably covers the awrah.

🕸 Inside, instead of leggings, there is a mesh that prevents the shorts from sticking to the body after coming out of the water.

💦 The outer fabric is soft and has water-repellent properties. Ideal for the beach as it dries quickly.

 The shorts are loose and do not restrict movement. They won't tear during sports activities. Raincoat fabric (100% polyester) allows shorts to dry quickly and not to cling to the body. 
There are two side pockets.

The navel area is covered with a pleasant fabric. It comfortably hugs the abdominal area. he fabric contains threads of elastane (20%) and nylon (80%), due to which it pleasantly fits to the body and dries quickly.

🔒 The cuffs at the bottom provide extra protection against exposing the knees, allowing you to securely cover your awrah.


      S - M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL
    JEANS 30/31 31/32 32/33 33/34 34/35 35/36 36/37
    PANTS 44/46 46/48 48/50 50/52 52/54 54/56 56/58
    WAIST 80-86 86-92 92-98 98-104 104-110 110-116 116-122
    HIP*** 87-94 94-102 102-107 107-112 112-117 117-122 122-127


    *** hip cirlce is the main parameter

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