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 BK is a modest swimwear company

Our innovative fitness fashions and fabrics are easy to move in, to swim in, to play in.

We honor and encourages Muslim men and women to experience a new level of spiritual confidence during swimming or on the beach.

Our brand is made in the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city with love and faith.

The shorts cover the navel and knees

Muslim men often experience problems with partially exposed awrah while on vacation at sea sides, due to lack of proper swim shorts.

Awrah - area of men’s body that stretches from navel to little below knees, which must be covered. An open awrah causes moral discomfort.

Today, in many countries, practicing Muslims use long shorts that cover knees, but fail to cover area between waist and navel, thus leaving it exposed. We offer special swimming shorts that securely cover the awrah both in water and on land.

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