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  • Do the shorts separate from each other?
    No, the shorts are not separable. Our shorts consist of two shorts attached with each other: the outer – bermuda and the inner – leggings.
  • What are the borders of man awrah?
    Awrah is a part of the body from the navel to the knees. The navel does not belong to awrah, however 1 millimeter below the border of the navel is included in awrah, therefore it is obligatory to close it. The knee that connects the thigh and lower leg is also included in awrah. The information was received from the member of the World League of Scientists Ahli Sunna and the ex - mufti of the Kyrgyz Republic - Chubak azhy Zhalilov. Also Shafi'i theologians believe that the awrah of a man is that part of the body that is between the navel and the knee. The navel and knees do not belong to the awrah, but it is recommended to cover them in order to avoid accidentally opening awrah.
  • Is the material contacting to skin not harmful?
    It is not harmful. The producer of the leggings material has international certification confirming the safety of the fabric for health. All the necessary tests have been carried out for the absence of certain chemicals harmful to the body. The results of the inspection made according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, Annex 4, product class II have shown that the material meet the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Frequenly asked questions (Islamic swim shorts)

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