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Our Islamic men's swimwear cover man awrah securely on land and during swimming.




To preserve faith in God by covering the intimate parts of body with elegance and comfort

The features of Islamic men's swimwear: waterproof, quick-drying, covers from thenavel to the knee, not wrinkled.

Our innovative fitness designs and fabrics are easy to move in, to swim in, and to play in.

We honor and encourage Muslim men to experience a new level of spiritual confidence during swimming or on the beach.



Our brand is made in the Kyrgyz Republic with love and faith





The fabric of our short de bain islamique is super soft and chlorine-resistant.

 Super soft, four-way stretch and chlorine-resistant

Use our Islamic men's swimwear for swimming, running, cycling and other trainings.

Use it for swimming, running, cycling and other trainings

Cover your navel and knees (parts of awrah) with our Halal swim shorts.

Cover waist and knees (parts of awrah).

Moisture-wicking fabric that does not stick to body




The material of our Halal swim shorts is UV radiation resistant.

Annually tested for harmful chemicals.

UV radiation resistant

You can put your keys in a secure zipper pocket while training or praying in our short de bain islamique.

You can put your keys while training or praying

Fly front zipper of Islamic swim shorts securely covers intimate parts of body.

Securely covers intimate parts of body




    Muslim men often experience problems with partially exposed awrah while on vacation at sea sides, due to lack of proper swim shorts.

    Awrah - area of men’s body that stretches from navel to little below knees, which must be covered. An open awrah causes moral discomfort.

    Today, in many countries, practicing Muslims use long shorts that cover knees, but fail to cover area between waist and navel, thus leaving it exposed. We offer special islamic swim shorts that securely cover the awrah both in water and on land.


 Batley, England

Salam brother, I would like to thank you for the shorts. Alhamdulillah not only did they arrive safe and sound but they also looked good and fit well. Just tried the shorts out yesterday and I must say MashaAllah I am more than happy with them. There were no issues of them uncovering my awrah at any point.

Simferopol, Crimea

I received the shorts and loved them. Brother, thank you very much for your professional and honest approach. You are producing things that make it very easy for Muslims to follow the norms of Islam. May Allah be your patron and helper in this matter, in sha Allah.

Hamburg, Germany

Assalam Aleikum, brother.

The swimwear arrived today and It is amazing. It fits perfect and the quality is a 10/10. It looks so good and now I feel so comfortable. I am going on vacation in a few hours, it came absolutely in time. Thank you for the great product:)

Almaty, Kazakhstan

The shorts are very comfortable. They are good not only for the beach but also for the swimming pool. The main thing is that the materials are selected correctly. Dries quickly, does not irritate the skin. I advise everyone who cares about the awrah. Also, the delivery was fast. Thank you guys for the product, and I wish you well in this good deed. 


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